How Personality Predicts Employee Performance

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Personality of an individual is closely linked with the process of job or work performance. The relationship between personality and the level of job performance is dependent on the environment in which he/she is working. It is important to note that job or work performance of an individual are related to organizational success or failure. Hence performance should be aligned to achieve organizational goals. According to various researches it is concluded that cognitive ability is a major contributor towards employee’s performance as compared to the five factor model of personality assessment.
Personality of an individual is a combination of attributes which includes emotions,
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Defining a Personality clearly and observing its various traits can be beneficial in deciding a professional career. However personality should not be the only element considered when selecting a career path. The individual should have a thorough view of his/her interests, principles, capabilities and skills along with personality type. These all things when measured collectively, serve as a good source of indicator for career selection.
The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) is a well-known approach used by many career guidance professionals, in guiding people regarding their career selection. The MBTI is based on Carl Jung’s psychological theory according to which each individual can be classified into ‘types’ on their fondness. According to Jung’s theory there are four pairs of contrary preference that indicate personality type. There are people with energizing ability which are categorized as Extroversion versus Introversion, second category individuals who recognize information either through Sensing versus INtution. Third category focuses on decision making ability either through Thinking versus Feeling and last is living life by Judging or by Perceiving. The letters which is indicated in bold above represents preferences on the basis of which sixteen personality types
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