How Personality Styles Affect Personal Communication

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Knowing oneself is difficult. Knowing yourself is the process of understanding yourself in deeper levels. It makes you take a serious look at the way you are living your life and put it to question. I’ve explored about myself that challenging my belief could create new perspectives on personality development. Communication is one of the most important aspects of nursing profession. It is essential for people to understand their own communication styles and acknowledge power of character that people possess. Throughout this semester, I’ve learned that the more I understand my own personality, the easier it is to interact and emphasizes the importance of others activity in social interaction. In this paper I will talk about how personality style affect personal communication styles, understanding others perspectives can impact on successful communication, and why good interpersonal communication skills are so important. Potter and Perry in the book clearly describes intrapersonal as an inner thought which occurs within an individual (Potter, P., & Perry, A. G. (2014)). People communicate with ourselves, and our own messages influence how we see ourselves. Intrapersonal communication is most important communications it certainly implies to communication with the others. M.Nezu in the book describes that knowing yourself means respecting your values in life, your beliefs, your personality, and relationships. However, as I think about myself I always have been a person who tend
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