How Personality Testing Is Used On A Daily Basis

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Personality testing is used on a daily basis in all areas of psychology. These tests evaluate and measure traits, values, attitudes, personal identity, and many more aspects of an individual’s personality (Cohen, Swerdlik, & Sturman, 2013). Such assessments as the Thematic Apperception Test, Neuroticism, Extroversion, and Openness inventory and the Psychopathic Personality Inventory are instruments, which assist the psychologist in assessing an individual’s personality. The following paper will discuss each of these tests. Thematic Apperception Test Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is a personality assessment instrument. Created in 1935 by Henry Murray and Christiana Morgan the purpose of the test is to reveal the participants emotions, drives, personality conflicts, personality complexes, and sentiment (Swartz, 1978). The original format of the TAT test can still be found. Psychological testing allows the researcher to collect comprehensive information, which is necessary to formulate an appropriate treatment plan (Verdon et al., 2014). The following section will review the TAT assessment, and its relevance to the field of psychology. Test Purpose and Procedures The 1978 Review of the Tat completed by Jon Swartz evaluated the internal integrity of the test. TAT is an assessment, which utilizes pictures and storytelling abilities. The participant is shown one of 20 pictures and asked to use his/her imagination to derive a story about the portrayed characters
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