How Personality Tests Within Organizations

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Every organization requires the best employees in order to carry on the mission of the company at perform better in the market. Employers have devised several ways of recruiting the best employees and one major way is the use of the personality test. Personality tests are used to measure several things including experience and skill of the candidates. In addition the employer will use personality tests to determine whether the job applicant has the required enthusiasm and motivation. This paper will tackle the use of personality tests within organizations there importance and how they have been used over the years to determine the qualities of the job applicant.
Comparison of the quality of information from the sources
The paper uses several articles which are rich in information relating to the article. In the first article by Kendra Cherry, the author defines personality testing and provides several types of the tests. This is important information because it will provide a foundation for the paper. In the second article by Kay McFadden, the author provides several tips for using these tests when hiring. This information is vital for the study because it provides an insight on why employers need to use the personality tests. In the third article by Beau Baez, the article writer discusses pre- employment testing as a vital tool for companies to screen the applicants.
The other journals like the journal of labor and employment, the author addresses the use of
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