How Ph And Peroxidase Affects Each Other And The Enzyme Was Made

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Tara Blanchard
BIO Lab sec.09
Nick R.
24 October 2015
Abstract: Enzymes, catalytic proteins that at as catalysis which makes the process of chemical reactions more easily. There are two main factors that actually affects enzymes and their functions which are temperature and pH. Throughout this experiment, the study how pH and peroxidase affects each other and the enzyme was made. The recordings of how the enzymes responded when it was exposed to four different pH levels to come up with an optimum pH which was predicted in the hypothesis and the IRV at the end. Introduction: Enzymes are protein catalysts facilitating the conversion of substrates into products (Alexander and Peters, 2011). They go through a whole chemical reaction which starts off with the substrate and then ends up with a product. The only way this reaction can be adjusted or not even work is if they end up going through some sort of affect which only temperature and pH levels can do determining the environment. When enzymes are in an environment that is too acidic or alkaline, their chemical properties, sizes and shapes can become altered (Magher, 2015) Chemical modification of proteins is widely used as a too; to maintain a native conformation, improving stability (Rodriguez-Cabrera, Regalado, and Garcia-Almendarez, 2011) In this experiment, four trials were conducted and recorded every 15 seconds for 5 minutes in order to calculate the optimum levels and IRV.
Materials and Methods: The materials
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