Essay about How Philip Deals with the Loss of His Brother Ethan

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The Odd Sea, a novel by Frederick Reiken, is a story about the loss of a loved one. When sixteen year old Ethan Shumway leaves his home and suddenly disappears, each member of the family reacts in his or her own peculiar way. Lawrence or Mr. Shumway, Ethan’s father, rediscovers his dream, “the lost art of timber framing,” or putting together houses without using power tools or nails. Ethan’s mother, Marilyn, can’t sleep, and begins to spend her nights baking, reading classic novels, and standing out with the stars. Eventually, she grows so depressed she has to be hospitalized. Amy, the oldest sister, quickly accepts that Ethan will not return, and advises her siblings to find him inside their hearts. Dana, the youngest sister, works on her…show more content…
He turns everything into clues that he hopes will lead to an explanation for Ethan’s disappearance. When Melissa tells him about “time doorway,” he starts to find that time doorway too. When he hears that Victoria is moving to Sister, Oregon, he immediately determines that Victoria is meeting with Ethan there. His belief keeps him blind from reason. He doesn’t think about his brother’s personalities. He should have known better; his brother would not do something like this. Ethan would not just go without planning or saying goodbye because Ethan loved everybody in his family. When Philip finds out about Melissa’s abortion and Ethan’s affair with Victoria, he is supposed to keep these secrets. But when he gets a chance to talk with Melissa and Victoria, he can’t stand to ask them. This has not just embarrassed Melissa and Victoria, it also upsets them. This shows that he still deals with his loss in the wrong way. He turns himself into an annoying and bad-mannered person. Philip depends on his family and his family depends on him to deal with this difficult time. When his mother begins spending her nights baking and reading novels in the kitchen because her insomnia, he decides to wake up early and sits with her in the kitchen. He keeps visiting his mother regularly when she is in the hospital. He keeps watching his father working on

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