How Philosophy Effects Who And Why I Think And Behave As I Do

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In this, my final paper for this class I want to explain how philosophy effects who and why I think and behave as I do. I will examine the overall perspective how different types of philosophies are blended together to become my core beliefs. How these beliefs affect the meaning of my life and further more why life has meaning at all to me. In ending I will explain my personal theories of reality, ethics, social and racial contracts come together to contribute to my acceptance of religion and human nature. When we think about philosophy we start out believing that is a complicated process left to the teachers and thinkers of the world that are best at processing it all. What we fail to realize is that it is philosophy who shapes the…show more content…
As we mature as young adults we develop relationship outside of this unit and add, modify and change what we believed as absolutes. Continually throughout adult we change our views as we learn and are exposed to events which force a wider perception of the world around us. To say we are that we perceive and believe that exactly at same at 50 as we did at 20 would be impossible because even as the world has changed it in turn changes who and how we see the world. He writing the “Circles” shows how the relativism of ethics changes and moves in circles as beliefs and truths change, so we change. (Hallman, Pg 314-319, 2008) This doesn’t mean that we lose who we were when we younger only that we have modified our thinking to accommodate our increased knowledge. Raised as I was in the western influences of philosophy as a young adult I was drawn to the eastern collectivism in culture best described by Tao. Lao Tzu wrote the world is like a river flowing and blending changing and harmonizing within nature and balance ourselves we too must harmonize and flow with nature. (Hallman, pg 192-195, 2008) Here is where for me you see the changes in my belief system for in my search to understand who I am and why do I exist I choose to search in many views. I first came across Wicca and paganism which to me explained the energy and grounding which opened my experience to practice of religious experiences outside of the Christian faith. One which could believe
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