How Physical Activity Affects The Mother During Pregnancy Essay

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The majority of pregnant women hope to have a smooth pregnancy and an easy, natural childbirth. Despite this, undesirable weight gain in mothers (Kowal, Kuk, & Tamim, 2012) and the instances of caesarean birth (Domenjoz, Kayser, & Boulvain, 2014) have been very prevalent in recent years. However, there are many lifestyle choices which women can make during pregnancy that can decrease risk of complications, as well as other lifestyle choices which can increase risk of complications during pregnancy. I am interested in the effects that a physically active lifestyle has during pregnancy. Some common concerns are that physical activity during pregnancy lowers the birth weight of the child, as well as increases risk of premature delivery and hospitalization during pregnancy (Tinloy et al., 2014). I am looking to approach this topic in three segments. The first is concerned with how physical activity affects the mother during all three trimesters of pregnancy. The second is concerned with the effects of physical activity during pregnancy on the birth of the child. The final is focused on the effects that a mother’s physical activity during pregnancy will have on the health of her child. This paper is aimed to cover the three main areas of concern about physical activity during pregnancy. It will cover the potential benefits or drawbacks of physical activity during pregnancy for the mother during pregnancy and birth, as well as for the child in the hopes that it can ascertain
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