How Plagiarism Is A Big Deal

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The past two weeks, I had to write a persuasive essay on how plagiarism is a big deal and how I felt about it. We also had to find at least three reliable sources to provide facts and information on plagiarism to support our side. To start off, the first week was supposed to be the easy part of the essay, we had to find three reliable sources to provide support for our side in the essay. Our instructor had already given us two sources, so all we needed to find was one more from the online database the library provides for students. The next week, was the tough one, we had to compose a works cite page along with the prewriting and outline before we can start on our rough draft. After our rough draft, we would gather feedback from our peers and instructor through peer revision and writing conferences. After that, we had a few days to finalize our work and submit our final draft for grading. However, I did absolutely nothing the first week and a half, knowing what needed to be done. I procrastinated and held off my work until the weekend before the rough draft and final was due. I spent hours on Sunday night and Monday composing the prewriting, outline, and rough draft. I was really anxious and felt overwhelmed, because I had held off the whole entire essay that I had two weeks to do in just two days. I had never done so much in just two days and I felt I did horrible on this essay. I feel this is my worst essay of the semester, because I procrastinated to the very last days.
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