How Planning A Program Has Brought Me

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This paper gives me the chance to look back and reflect on what knowledge developing this program has brought me. Program planning, is something that has always fascinated me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about what are important aspects of planning a program. What was truly great about this experience was the idea that we would be helping others. I will discuss what I have learned from developing the program to the conclusion of the event. Furthermore, I will talk about what I can do differently the next time I am apart of a group that is planning a program. Also, there will be sections about what I would change for future programs or what I can take away from the planning of this specific program. Highlight items you learned…show more content…
In regards to communication between groups, being apart of the finance group we had difficulties obtaining the final budgets from each group. Even when we told the leaders to remind all the groups that we need their updated budgets we still had issues with receiving them. Another challenge that we had was deciding on a theme. I feel that it took as a large chunk of planning time just deciding on what we wanted to do. If we would have established a theme in the beginning of the planning, we could have had more time making decorations or props rather than doing them the night before. This may have reduced the stress levels. Additionally, it would have been nice to have an increase in numbers. Understanding that this was the first time putting on the event it is hard to get a large crowd to come. There might have been a chance to have an increase in numbers if there was more time to get the word out and we tried to have each staff member bring one person. What you would do differently as an individual and as a group next time you plan an event/program There are a number of things that I would have done differently based on my group and individual participation. For example, our group didn’t have the best communication. There were times were myself and another group member didn’t know what was going on in terms of the budget and the program
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