How Planning Ahead Helped My Writing

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WR150: How Planning Ahead Helped My Writing I have always thought of writing as a way to express feelings and thoughts. A way that requires nothing but an idea in my head and a pen in my hand. But not until after taking this course; Childhood in Three Disciplines, that I actually realized that some writings need more than just ideas and pens. Some writings require thinking, planning, researching, and analyzing, and those were the kinds I got introduces to in this course. This course is a WR X course, which basically has the same goals as a regular WR course with the addition of innovative features. Our class’s feature was writing about one childhood object in different discipline to explore the different demands that those distinct disciplines have. Keeping that feature in mind, it was essential to differentiate between the different styles, genres and audience that these disciplines have to prevent overlapping in ideas and styles. And to do that, planning ahead was very important. My papers at first lacked planning, and thus weren’t as good as I wanted them to be. But throughout my work in this course, I learned how to better plan for my essays and produce better papers. Specifically, I learned how to use brainstorming and outlining as ways of planning/pre writing. This planning has resulted in a more organized process of writing and thus a more organized paper overall. Before While writing my first proposal, I was focusing completely on answering the questions of the
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