How Planning Can Be Difficult For Some

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Planning can be difficult for some, but it is always important to know what your goal is when your planning, it could be that the goal is to have more personal time, or as simple as having more time with the family at home. As many tasks as there are in the day is it important to know how many tasks are to be completed, such as an essay that is due, or a layout that has to be done by today. For each task there is a time line or due date, it is important to manage the time wisely to produce the ultimate goal. How long each tasking will take can be estimated for quicker results in the goal, such as a lay-out should not take longer than writing an essay, therefore doing the lay-out before producing the essay would benefit time. Granted …show more content…

If more zones are necessary than feel free to add in a couple more. When prioritizing the task should not matter if it is big or small only that it must be done and after you have prioritized your tasks then you should plan your day accordingly, any tasks that have not been accomplished the day prior should be top of the list the following day. Prioritizing is important to time management because deciding what needs to be done first will help plan your day so you can get to the ultimate goal.
Taking initiative is an important factor to time management, because to get all of the tasks done for the day one must have the drive to do so. Now not all tasks are done alone and most are performed by a squad or company, they must all have the ambition and motivation to achieve the ultimate goal. For a squad to have the motivation and ambition to move forward in the day they have to know the tasks and the end goal. To create initiative one must instill trust and confidence in others to get the tasks done, usually this is done by a fellow co worker or leader. When a leader is held in the highest standings his soldiers will move mountains to complete a task, only because they know that this leader is truly looking out for their well being. On the other hand if the soldiers know that the leader will not support, trust or build confidence within the group all will fail and the ultimate goal will not be achieved.

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