How Poetry Can Create An Atmosphere Of Awareness

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Poetry, written by many people from all walks of life, and times of history. Each piece serves a purpose. Weather to inform us of our impending doom, or to lighten our hearts on the subject of death. Some poets use this tool to express love to their significant others, and many use the tool to create an atmosphere of awareness. Poetry can have many different meanings. They come in epics, short phrases, misguided sentences, abstract pictures, song lyrics, haikus and regular five line paragraphs. Poetry is a form of entertainment that we use, in some ways to express ourselves and connect to others. Poetry can also be a way for people to be creative and contribute to society if they aren’t good at painting or acting. Not to say that poetry is for the cast off artists, instead there is a certain breed of crazy and disturbed you have to be in order to create lasting poetry. Aristotle states that poetry is “not to report what has happened, but what will.” Pg. 688. That is to say that a poet can predict the future and warn people of what could come of their actions, which is one purpose of poetry. J. M. ARMSTRONG agrees with Aristotle, that a poet shouldn’t tell what happened but what will, “The poet, on the other hand, looks for causal relations among fictional or non-fictional events, for he cares whether his composition has a plot with events that happen because of other events and not merely after them”. This is really important in the evidence that poetry is more than just
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