How Political Leaders Create Real Change

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How do political leaders create real change in today 's political climate? Equally as important how can political leaders enact solutions in today 's hyper political world where constructive debate and solutions are so hard to achieve? Is there such a leader who can navigate the polarizing political lands of current day america, and be an effective leader? In Freshman Congressman Scott Taylor of Virginia 's second district, we may have elected champion who can be the light in a dark room and who can be the clear voice in a room full of chaos. I sat down with Congressman Taylor to talk about the many complexities of these challenging questions. Congressman Taylor is seen as many to be a bright young rising star in the Republican party…show more content…
In Congress I believe I am an extension of the people, I am not better than you, and you are not better than I. This approach shows my leadership to be an extension of Virginia 's second district, and it is my job to bust my butt, to protect, fight, and make the right decisions for my constituents.” After getting the congressman definition of leadership I wanted to ask what are some of the issues that his district has shown interest in and how did they voice their concerns?. He proceeded to answer, “we get input on all type of issues from all types of constituents, my team is hundreds of calls daily from constituents voicing their opinion and concerns. Much of the contact between constituents of the second district and my team are the typical national issues that most people know about; Russia interference, supreme court judges, the American Health Care Act, the VA, etc. But there is also many calls concerning constituent service and situations where my office can help solve indi fucal problems that constituents are facing. Through polls, social media interaction, person to person contact, townhalls, phone calls, events, etc. constituents voice these concerns, and my team is working their butts off to answer every single constituents
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