How Political Marriages Can Be Tough

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Political marriages are known to be tough and very hard to handle. With all the pressure of fans and enemies, along with all the work that has to be done, it can be very difficult. For a lot of relationships, it can either make or break their marriage. "It takes a lot of patience and passion and respect for the relationship, especially where large political divides exist," said Post, spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post. "To be able to do that successfully speaks to the kind of relationship these couples have" ( Grinberg). A political marriage can work if they can figure out how to make things work smoothly, just like these people did with their marriages.

One of the many successful marriages is Michelle and Barack Obama. Michelle and Obama were married October 3, 1992, at Trinity United Church in Chicago. As we all know, Obama is currently our 44th President and his wife Micelle Obama is the First Lady, a Lawyer, a writer, a wife, and a mother to her children. One of the reasons Michelle fell in love with Obama was because of his emotional honesty. Obama didn’t play games when they were dating, he was straight forward and said what he felt right away. Even though Michelle loved Obama conditionally back then, she says now that even after being in the White House, his heart, character, and convictions are all the same. Obama is still the same man that she fell in love with a long time ago. Michelle focuses on having a happy…
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