How Pop Culture Has Impacted The Smarts Of Our Country

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Pop culture has been seen in the past to be a main ingredient in making our country’s I.Q. drop, or well, that the overall population is going to become dumber because of its rise. However, Malcolm Gladwell has felt differently, and decided to produce an article on how pop culture has effected the smarts of our country. In Malcolm Gladwell’s article “Brain Candy”, Gladwell effectively uses rhetorical appeals to prove his argument. Throughout Gladwell’s article he uses logical appeals to help prove his argument. One way that Gladwell validates his argument is by providing a thesis for the audience to follow. His thesis statement being placed at the end of the first paragraph is clearly displaying to the audience of what is to come out of the rest of his article, and what his stance is on the topic. Gladwell quotes Steven Johnson, saying that he “proposes what we thought was making us dumber: pop culture” (1). By Gladwell using this as his thesis he is informing us that his article is going to go into how pop culture was seen to make us dumber, but that there is proof that it has done just the opposite. Gladwell also uses the logical appeal of scientific facts to back up his argument. Gladwell used scientific data to help prove his argument to be true. In the article “Brain Candy”, Gladwell’s use of his thesis, the thesis’ placement, as well as how he used scientific data for back up, shows that Gladwell was doing a good job of using logical appeals to help prove his stance

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