How Poverty Affects The Functioning Of The Family System

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Within this course, there were issues or information from the course that most surprised, intrigued, or elicited emotion (positive or negative) in me. There were many topics that I already knew about but needed to refresh my memory and many that were new information to me.
One topic that blew my mind and that really caught my attention, was the topic about children living in the poverty. I learned that poverty can affect the functioning of the family system, placing all aspects of development at risk in several ways. Children learn their language skills, social skills, ethics skills, and everything about life from their families. When a family slips into poverty, parents aren’t so involved with their children, nor physically or
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I read in the text that, “Marasmus is a wasted condition of the body caused by a diet low in all essential nutrients. It usually appears in the first year of life when a baby’s mother is too malnourished to produce enough breast milk and bottle-feeding is also inadequate. Her starving baby becomes painfully thin and is in danger of dying” (Berk & Meyers, 2016, pg. 175). So for the first few months, the baby is eating well because the mother is able to produce milk. After a couple of months, the mother isn 't able to produce more milk; so the child isn’t getting all the essential nutrients it needs to survive, which can cause organ damage and cognitive and emotional impairments.
On the other hand, based on what I learned about brain development in Chapter 5, it is best to initiate intervention for poverty–stricken children in the first two years rather than later because a child 's brain develops dramatically. This is when the brain’s neural fiber synapses produces like no other, “because developing neurons require space for these connective structures, a surprising aspect of brain growth is that as synapses form, many surroundings neurons die-20 to 80 percent, depending on the brain region… neural tube produces far more neurons than the brain will ever need” (Berks & Meyers, 2016, pg. 162). This is when all the important brain regions with specific
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