How Powerful Emotions Affect Our Brain

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Bliss, anger, fear, sadness, these are all emotions that we could feel on a daily basis. In one quick flip of a switch one decision made by an emotion can send our world racing, whether it is good or bad, our lives can be changed forever. This is how powerful emotions can affect us; can you imagine how it can affect our learning abilities? The brain, although divided, works together connecting everything we take in and feel. Although our brain is divided into many different parts, each part plays an important role when it comes to our emotions and the way that we learn. The Cerebrum is known to be the largest part of the human brain. It functions our thoughts and actions and houses the parts of the brain that control and relate to emotions. (The Brain, 2015) It is then divided into four sections or lobes. The lobes that are associated with emotions are the Frontal Lobe and the Temporal Lobe. The Frontal Lobe is known for our emotional controller and the center for our personality. It is also associated with reasoning, parts of speech, and problem solving. The Temporal Lobe processes our emotional responses and is associated with recognition of auditory stimuli, memory and speech. (Brain structures, 2012) Another part of the brain that is affiliated with emotion is the Limbic System, it controls essential survival-based emotions and is also known as the emotional brain. This is found buried within the Cerebrum and it contains the Thalamus, Hypothalamus,…
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