How Presidents of the United States Overstep their Bounds and Defy the Constitution

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Wesley Clark, a former United States Army General and a decorated Vietnam War veteran, states in his book Winning Modern Wars that “Defeating terrorism is more difficult and far-reaching than we have assumed....We may be advancing the ball down the field at will, running over our opponent's defenses, but winning the game is another matter altogether.” He also stated in the preface of the book “that the Bush administration had rushed us, pushed us, mislead, and manipulated us into war with Iraq with at the expense of the real war against Al- Qaeda.” Clark in writing stating this is essentially telling us we (The United States) have somehow overstepped our boundaries by acting in this “War on Terror,” and while he might have made a gutsy…show more content…
Yet, to many this stage in the modern presidency was just the lesser of two evils. The public opinion of the president changed soon after America went into the Vietnam War, a proxy way between the communist led/soviet-backed Vietnamese governments. Another infamy to the country was The Watergate Scandal, which accused Nixon of ordering a break-in at the Democratic National Committee. He was also accused of violating the constitutional rights of the American people by misusing the IRS (Internal Revenue Service); and failure to provide the appropriate documents that he was ordered to present to the House Judiciary Committee, led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, which did not help the image of the presidency neither. These two events shaped how the people thought of the executive leader; it led them to believe that the president was wild, egocentric, and acted without the approval of congress. These unfortunate events would cause Nixon’s successors, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, to act with less vigor and less authority, which would make them seem especially weak and incapable of leading our nation. The situation improved with President Ronald Reagan and his policies that made the government smaller and improved the economic situation of the country. However, the situations at hand were not without controversy Reagan along with his

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