How Princes Should Keep Their Promise By Machiavelli

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In Niccolo Machiavelli’s book The Prince, Machiavelli addresses several ideas on how a government should run. As stated by Machiavelli, a government leader should be stingy and not liberal, he should be seen as feared rather than be loved and that he must be cunning and trick other to gain better success.These ideas regarding government should be applied to our own system of government because it will set this country up for success in a way that allows the people to not have the capability to overthrow their ruler and allow peace among all. In chapter 16; Liberality and Stinginess, this chapter talks about how being liberal is good but being too liberal can cause damage to one. According to Machiavelli, the idea of giving money away is kind but to keep up with…show more content…
A prince who knows his way around the people and tricks them often gains the most success. In chapter 18, How Princes Should Keep Their Promise, Machiavelli explains how a prince must learn the two rules of fighting. One by law and the other by force. He states that the “first is suited to man and the second to animals… therefore he needs to know well how to put to use the traits of animals and man.” This being said, one must be able to recognize traps or fight off other predators. In today’s real world, man must learn the difference between what is truth or false. A ruler is very capable of saying false statements and that what gears more people to him.. The idea of not really knowing the truth. This chapter also states that “by no means can a prudent ruler keep his world.” According to Forbes, “trust affects a leader’s impact.” Deception plays a key role in the way rulers rule. Presidents have deceived their people many times and sure enough our current president is doing the same. This is already a part of our system of government and I believe it always will be. People will know who a leader appears to be but a few will really know who he actually
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