How Princess Culture Is All Round Us

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Princess culture is all round us, whether we realize it or not. Princess culture incorporates many downfalls to women. We have all grown up with the pressures of this culture. Women are viewed as lower than the man, having to struggle in a male-dominated society. Stereotypes, racial issues and marginality are just a few predicaments that women had been portrayed as, in the world of the princess culture. Many Cinderella stories have been told in many different cultures that come from all around the globe. Rob Baum correctly stated, “Folktales had their origins in oral accounts, stories told by people before the advent of writing, or before someone determined them worthy of literary transcription” Socrates). People only took up the…show more content…
Another stereotype taught from Disney is that men are saviors. In Rapunzel, she is saved from the tower by a man. In the Lion King, Simba returns to his pride to save, what is left of his father’s pride, which is shown to be mostly females, A scene in this move, Nala tells Simba that he is “their only hope” signifying that a man can only save females. Hercules stereotypes that men must be hot, buff and white. During the movies, Snow White and Cinderella, the women are forced to do chores such as cooking cleaning. When there is a woman in charge, back to The Little Mermaid, the sea witch Ursula, had just about as much power as Kind Triton, but she was portrayed as evil. Jessica Rose pointed out, “The perception of women are either weak victims in a male-dominated society or evil and corrupt when in a position of equal or higher status” (Prezie). The story of Cinderella has many different versions, from all dissimilar cultures. As we know our “Cinderella,” the story contains many females. The stepmother, stepsistes, the fairygod mother, and herself. Cinderella only gets her happily ever after due to her natural beuty and being able to stomp over the ones who tried to conceal her. This demonstrates that females compete with each other to have the marital status they want. Cinderella wins, because she pretends to be something she is truly not. In an article Laure Liddle wrote, she theorizes, “It is vital that Cinderella must impress her
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