How Principals Can Establish School-Wide Success

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Researchers who have examined education leadership agree that effective principals are responsible for establishing a school-wide vision of commitment to high standards and the success of all students. As previously mentioned, principals, up until now, were seen as nothing more than building managers, but career success in a global economy depends on a strong education. In a school, that building towards career success starts with the principal spelling out “high standards and rigorous learning goals,” Vanderbilt University researchers asserted with underlined emphasis. Specifically, they say, “The research literature over the last quarter century has consistently supported the notion that having high expectations for all, including clear and public standards, is one key to closing the achievement gap between the advantaged and fewer advantaged students and for raising the overall achievement of all students.” During the development phase of CCSSI, this was the primary goal. Therefore, developing a shared vision around standards, and success for all students is an essential element of school leadership. In what way can this be done? Using Kotter’s 8-Step will demonstrate how to implement a shared vision: 1. Developing a vision and strategy. Administrators need to create a vision and corresponding strategies to help direct the change effort towards achieving the schools’ new vision. The best way to achieve a vision is to look at the characteristics of an effective vision:
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