How Prison Life Really Works Essay

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How prison life really works
Prison life is much harsher than jail. In prison you stay inside until you are done with your sentence or until you die; jail is nothing compared to prison. Each prisoner is locked out from the outside world. Each inmate is in there for different crimes they have committed outside and inside the prison. It is very interesting to see how the inmates survive in prison and how they adapt to their new lives because in prison they are blocked from the outside world. The inmates don't exist to the people on the outside anymore. Violence is a big part of the problem in prison because everywhere in prison someone gets hurt. The weaker inmates get sexually harassed by the ones who have the power to control whatever happens inside the prison. Racial segregation is a cause of violence because it triggers the emotions of the inmates in prison. Gangs are another cause of the violence as well because in prison each inmate belongs to a gang that will protect them from any harm that will come to that inmate. In prison, the inmates have to follow the prison code, which is a code that is used amongst themselves. Each inmate has to choose to save his life because if he doesn't he will pay with his own life. This is way they have to follow each rule and have to stick with them. The prison life is not easy to adapt to because every person has his own way of dealing with his problem. Each inmate has to decide how they are best protected or from other who want to…