How Private Space Programs Should Not Be Trusted With Humanity 's Future

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Many people especially those in the private sector are currently questioning NASA’s efficiency, ethics, and overall ability to achieve their mission. In their opinion, the private sector could do space programs far better than any government agency, and make it efficient and profitable. Proponents of NASA argue that the private sector cannot be trusted with humanity 's future and that no man has the right to own something in space. The unfortunate truth is that NASA and programs like it are too tied up in red tape and complications to get humanity to where it needs to be. With strong competition between companies and the incentive of profit the private sector is by far humanities best bet for space. Before we can really dig deep into the topic of what can be done about these problems and how private space programs could be better at fixing them we need to point out what’s wrong to begin with. The first glaring problem is the inefficiency seen in government space agencies. Following that the next big problem is the possibility of a planet grab by big nations when we get to space. Another glaring problem is the many issues that government space agencies have failed to fix and their lack of motivation. Also a big problem with the government controlling space is that it creates a massive problem of who gets to go first and who gets what. Last but not least we have the biggest issue of all which would be expense vs gain. We will start the discussion with the problem of

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