How Product Placement Is Becoming A Popular Marketing Strategy

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Product Placement is becoming a very popular marketing strategy. It is a indirect way to advertise a product through small appearances in the movies and television.
Various definitions are given for Product Placement “A paid product message aimed at influencing movie (or television) audiences via the planned and unobtrusive entry of a branded product into a movie” (Balasubramanian 1994, p.31) cited in Chang, Fanny Fong Yee 2012. “The inclusion of a product, a brand name or the name of a firm in a movie or in a television program for promotional purposes” (d’Astous & Chartier 2000, p. 31) cited in Chang, Fanny Fong Yee 2012.
The Product Placement began in 1896 when a UK soap manufacturer “Level Brothers” appeared in the French movie (Newell, Salmon & Chiang, 2006). But it gained importance when Reese’s candy was shown in the movie “E.T Extra-Terrestrial” and their sale was increased 65% within three months (Tsai, Liang & Liu,
Product placement is now considered as the main marketing tool and has now reached “celebrity status” as the media form. Along with marketers who are spending large amount of their promotional budgets on product placement, Now a days productions studios are also relying on
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