How Products Are Developed to Sustain Competitive Advantage in Adidas Company:

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In business, competitive advantage can be defined as the strategic advantage that one business entity has over its rivals within the same competitive industry. Achieving a competitive advantage puts the business in a stronger position within its business environment. For this we need to develop our products and services day by day according to our customers’ needs and wants.
There are several ways in which a business might think about developing a product in order to sustain or build a competitive advantage:

• Staged release into the market: It could be considered beneficial to hold back certain developments you have made to a product so that you can release an improved version of the product periodically, rather than release it once
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We can convey surveys to them, and get knowledge about our clientele, whether the product will appeal to them or not. And according to that, we can perform the operation of producing the new inventions.

Products offered by Adidas:
Adidas has a wide range of sports wears all over the world. Some of the products Adidas offers to its customers are:
* Foot wears specially structured, differently for each and every sport like: soccer, basketball, running, jogging, indoor and outdoor games, etc.
* Sportswear particularly designed for men, women and kids, for domestic and international sports tournaments.
* Vests specifically cut out for different sports people and genders.
* Body care products for both males and females.
* Watches for both genders.
* Different styles of stylish wear for distinct seasons.
* Sportswear for untrained customers essential for their training.

Adidas’ mission is to be the leading sports brand in the world. One major lever to achieve this is the brand’s broad and unique product portfolio spanning from apparel and footwear for professional athletes to premium fashion. It allows Adidas to address multiple consumer needs, exploit market opportunities from various angles as well as be less affected by one-dimensional market risks. Adidas’ commitment to product innovation and its rich heritage differentiates the brand from competitors and provides a solid platform for future growth.
Adidas strives to
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