How Professional Advertising Agencies Contribute to the Success of a Marketing Campaign

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How Professional Advertising Agencies Contribute to the Success of a Marketing Campaign

Professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign in many ways.

If a new company is just starting out and wish to make the most of their money for advertising, then it is probably best for them to hire someone from an advertising agency to help them along the way, as they know they are doing, and know how to use their money to their advantage. Professional advertising agencies know what they are doing. It is their job to help companies to have a successful marketing campaign.
The agencies can guide the company in the right direction to help them advertise to the best of their abilities. They can give expert
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2.2.2 – How the selection and use of media contributes to a successful campaign There are many different types of media that companies can use to have a successful campaign for advertising certain products.

Some of these mediums used for advertising can be:

- Television
- Radio
- Internet – Websites/Emails/Pop-Ups
- Direct Mail
- Display Advertising – Posters/Billboards
- Word of mouth

If a company has a lot of money to spend on advertising then they could afford to use more than one method of advertising, such as TV and Radio, or Display Advertising and Websites.

Firstly, the company needs to decide who there main target audience is. When they have decided this, then they can go about finding out which method of advertising is most suitable for the audience they are targeting. For example, if the target audience is females ages 16-20, then the most popular form of advertising would probably be the
Internet or Television at the right times of the day for the audience.

I will now go into some detail about each for of the above stated examples of advertising.


This form of advertising is one of the most popular types of advertising, because of its extremely broad audience range. Most people have televisions in their house, and at some time or another, will watch adverts. People subconsciously take in messages from adverts, even though they may not
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