How Professional Development ( Cpd ) Is Defined As The Maintenance And Enhancement Of The Knowledge

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Continuing professional development (CPD) is defined as the maintenance and enhancement of the knowledge, expertise and competence of professionals throughout their careers according to a plan formulated with regard to the need of the professional, the employer, the profession and society (Madden and Mitchell, 1993). CPD is a way which can help people improve their professional knowledge, make their professional knowledge up to date so that they are equipped and full of competitiveness, and offer them security in career. In addition, CPD is a flexible process, whenever you find something beneficial to your career but you do not know it before, then you can learn it and improve your professional skill.

Honey and Mumford developed a very famous learning styles, and there are four learning styles, they are activist, theorist, pragmatist, and reflector (Mumford, 1991). After answering 80 questions in the questionnaire, I found I am a reflector. Richard (2003) indicated that reflector means a person prefer to learn things alone and mostly reflector tends to watch from the sidelines, view things from many other aspects, and collect a large amount of information then to observe and analyze them and draw a conclusion at last. Therefore, studying alone is a better way for me compared with studying in a group, for the reason that I need more time when I draw a conclusion and this can be more accurate than roughly conclude.

The CIPD profession map is made up of ten professional
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