How Psychiatry Has Changed Since The 1970 ' S

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Lauren Slater’s, On Being Sane in Insane Places, takes the reader on a journey showing how psychiatry has changed since the 1970’s. David Rosenhan’s experiment of whether psychiatrists could accurately diagnose mental stability was the catalyst for her own experiment. Her quest to see if Rosenhan’s experiment can be duplicated, clearly shows her mental stability is questionable. I believe the psychiatrists in her experiment may have accurately diagnosed her. In the original experiment by David Rosenhan, he wanted to show that the social control wielded by psychiatrists was not backed up by skills of accurate diagnosis. Along with eight other colleagues, he tried to infiltrate mental hospitals. To get in, they were to present with a voice saying thud. After being admitted, if they were, they were to behave typically to see if they would be exposed as impostors (Slater 63). To begin the experimenters grew out their hair and stopped showering for a couple of days. They learned to avoid unnecessary ingestion of medication by cheeking pills. The participants showed up at mental hospitals and told them their symptom. If they were checked in, they were to let the staff know that the voice had stopped and they were ok. All of the experimenters were admitted, diagnosed and held for various periods of time. The diagnoses for the fake patients were schizophrenic psychosis for eight of them, and manic depressive psychosis for one. During their stays they were treated the same as the…
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