How Psychology Affects My Life

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Psychology is a very interesting subject with lots of interesting and new things to learn about how the mind works, explains people behavior and why they act the way they do. There were two topics so far that has caught my attention. Those topics were motivation and stress. I can relate more to these topics based on my experiences. I have seen how they have impacted my life and has made me become the strong person I am today. Based on my reading motivation as it states in the text, it is a stimulus, drive or force that directs one behavior, taught and persistence. As a young child I always wanted to become a nurse, I love helping people and see people do well, so because of this feeling and taught I became persistent to go after that…show more content…
I started applying for jobs all over, but did not get one. Most of the jobs I got were temporary, but I worked still and got some money. Intrinsically it felt good going out in the morning and doing something to make your life better and also gaining experience. So I had both extrinsic and intrinsic factors motivating me. I also love to provide assistance where necessary, whether to the abled or disabled. It created in me a satisfying feeling and why I needed to become a nurse. This was what led me to become an assistant nurse in my home country and driving me to continue further on to become a Nurse Practitioner. There is always this thing in me telling me to go on, maybe it’s my instinct, but I know and feel that people need me and in the end it will be a great achievement and accomplishment. Being a nurse, it felt great to see people recovery from their illness and especially when you know that you were a part of their care. It felt good to hear thank you nurse. I usually set specific reasonable goals that can be attained at a specific time. Most time I become very excited, optimistic and enthused with what I’m pursuing and accomplishing it. I try my best most times not to procrastinate because doing that will just delay my plan. Sometimes though things happen in my lives to postpone or delay me but no matter the circumstance I never give up. According to one of the theories of motivation in the
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