How Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of Behavior And Mental Processes

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What is psychology? The definition of psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. There are three key terms in the definition of psychology – science, behavior, and mental process. Psychology uses systematic methods to observe human behavior and draw conclusions. Behavior is anything that we do that is visible by another person, and mental processes are the thoughts and feelings that we experience but that are not noticeable by another person.
For thousands of years, people all around the world have been asking the question why? Over the years, people have made up their own stories to explain to others why things are the way they are. These stories get passed on through families and make their way down the lines of each generation. These stories eventually became known as myths, or folklore tales. Greece and Rome were and still are very known for their myths and are still taught in schools present day. Though myths and folklore may be intriguing to hear, not everyone believed in them. Philosophers, those who believe that there is a natural and rational explanation for all things, then came to be.
Wilhelm Wundt was a German philosopher-physician who created the academic discipline of psychology by meshing together philosophy and natural science. Wundt believed that it could be possible for a person’s mental process to be measured by the time it took for a person’s brain and nervous system to translate into action. Wundt’s main focus was discovering
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