How Public Opinion Influences Participation Both within the United States and Mexico

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As discussed in lecture, abortion is an issue that is pretty clear-cut, those who oppose, tend to oppose it without the opportunity to compromise. Likewise, those who are pro- choice are similarly unlikely to shift on their position. It is in this social context of abortion sparring in which interestingly enough both the United States and Mexico find themselves today. Public participation in both the United States and Mexico is shaped by the division between the religious and secularists, is affected by gender/ socioeconomic conditions, and has important effects on party participation.
When the case of Roe v. Wade decidedly passed in 1973, the political and social identity of the United States changed significantly. There were two dynamics that would at play in the abortion debate, one were the more progressive/ secularists elements that encouraged the choice of abortion. The other group or element that would rise in response and challenge the abortion legislation were the Christians. This is an important reaction, because a conservative reaction was soon to occur. Davis says, “After the Supreme Court’s sweeping abortion decisions in 1973, striking down most if the then existing state legislation restricting abortion, a conservative reaction began to…
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