How Public Universities Can Promote Access And Success For All Students

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During the reading “How Public Universities Can Promote Access and Success for All Students”, I came across three terms that stood out to me that impact student retention: financial support, supporting programs, community diversity. Currently I am in my thirth year of attending San Francisco State University (SFSU), however financial support has being one of the factors that collide with me pursuing higher education. For the past three years I have worked 30 hours per week in Panda Express and worked weekends in my uncle’s upholstery shop. The need for me to work double job is because the money I get from the grants isn’t efficient to keep studying, food, rent, etc. Therefore, working double jobs have impact my capacity to be effect with my academics. I strongly agree the finacial support could be a barrier that detain students from pursuing higher education in college. Since students will have to priotize their jobs over their academics if they want to keep supporting themselves. Additionally, I remember that my cousin Yessenia went to Cal East Bay 4 years ago, however she was only able to complete 1 year of college. Eventhough she worked and had support from their parents. Grants weren’t giving to her because, the government said her family income was middle class. However, the money her parents made wasn’t enough to aid her on pursuing higher education. Therefore, I believed if the grants we’re able to be relooked, and raise the bar for those who could have access to them…
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