How Race And Stereotype Can Affect Justice Being Served

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. This play takes place in 1963, the year in which the Civil Rights movement was being fought for. The main topic of this play is to understand how race and stereotype can affect justice being served, and the only way around this would be to view facts and override race and stereotype with evidence.
The play beings in New York City in a jury room, there are 12 jurors and each of them seem very flustered, not only because its hot and the fan won’t work, but because the trial seems to almost be a waste of time for these twelve people. We learn the case they are dealing with is between a son and his father; the son supposedly stabbed and killed his father. The father and the son live near the slums which is where colored people live. Almost all the jurors are white and some of them portray being racists. The story of the murder is that the neighbor (an elderly man) overheard the boy say “I’m going to kill you” to his father and moments later the man hears someone fall. Also, a woman who lives across the street says that she witnessed the murder because her window and the window of the boy and his father are right across from each other. She states she was tossing and turning in the middle of the night and as she turned towards the window she seen the murder. All the jurors except one agree that the boy is guilty. And this is where all the conflict begins. Juror number eight whom voted not guilty explains his vote by stating that the boy should be given a fair chance not just be…
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