How Race Has Impacted The World Negatively By A Student Named Jana King

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During the course of the years, the idea of race has changed, from being used to classify people only on their physical attributes to now classifying people on actions and behavior. The race concept has been so fixed in society, it led to segregation in schools, work, religion, almost anything you can think of. It has been difficult to look at a person without forming stereotypes on the basis of color, identity, ethnicity, or language. Even though the theory of race has impacted the world negatively it also has some positives. Today, race is considered when applying for a job, elective posts, and sports, and personal decisions like marriage. “That Word Black,” written by Langston Hughes has similar ideas as another short piece entitled “In Living Color” by a Student named Jana King. These pieces are similar because both go into depth about race and what it means today.
In the piece “That Word Black”, Hughes ends the piece with the question what is wrong with black? He asks this because throughout his piece he uses different examples to show the readers that society uses the word black to portray bad things. For example, Hughes stated that a black cat stands for bad luck. He says in his piece why can 't a white cat stand for bad luck and black cats stand for good luck. Hughes doesn 't only use these examples to get his point across. He uses others which will later on be discussed.
In the piece “In Living Color,” Ms. King is trying to figure out why black isn 't like

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