How Race Is Defined As An Ideology

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been the source for continuing abuses and mistreatment of certain classes. Many ideas

have been advanced to address this issue. One such idea is the approach of what has

come to be popularly known as colorblindness. Colorblindness is defined as an ideology

that asserts the key to ending discrimination is to treat all individuals within society as

equally as possible without regard to culture, race or ethnicity (Tarca, 2005).

Attention must be given to the idea that race is a social construct. For the purposes of this

paper, we will delve into topics that explore the idea that race is continually being

refashioned by various political, social and cultural forces (Gallagher, 2012). For

instance, long occurring abuses of minority classes have been perpetuated by socio-

political forces that have continued to justify this systematic mistreatment. Moreover, as

the courts over the years have dismantled the historic ruling in Brown v. Board of

education, inner city African American youths have struggled with a poorly funded

school system, ‘indirect’ segregation and “culturally barren and robotic methods of

instruction (Kozol, 2005).” In the not so distant past, race mattered greatly as it was and

often still is the single greatest factor affecting ones social standing, even without the

overt prejudice and racism symbolized by such groups as the Ku Klux Klan that extended

well into the 20th century; to the detriment of most minority classes, especially

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