How Racing Share The Same Fundamentals Of Racing

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Regardless of if you enjoy racing or not, you likely know what either Nascar or Formula One is. In the United States of America, Nascar is by far the most popular form of racing. This popularity allows the sport to have its “4.5 billion [dollar]” television contract that “began in 2007”(Odland). Meanwhile in the rest of the world, Formula One is the most popular. Evidently, Formula One generates an immense amount of wealth as well. Red Bull, a sponsor in Formula One, is thought to have generated “an estimated $283 million in brand exposure” in just one season alone(Smith). Due to the fact that they are both forms of racing, a multitude of people group these two very different genres of racing together and claim that they are basically the same. While there are some central similarities, these are two abundantly different forms of racing. The most important and basic similarity is that both forms of racing share the same fundamentals of racing. The essential differences between the two include the cars that are driven as well as the tracks used for races. Both Nascar and Formula One share the same fundamentals of racing. The ultimate goal is to win every race that you possibly can. This is done by finishing before, often in front of, everyone else. In each form of racing, drivers take what are called pit stops. This is when a driver pulls into a designated area where his/her team is located. Then that teams provides car adjustments and fuel. These pit stops are critical
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