How Racism Became A Problem Today

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Jae Xiong

How Racism Became a Problem Today Racism is a deeply ingrained problem in our social systems. Even though we publicly denounce racism, it still continues to be an issue in our everyday lives. We choose to be ignorant of racism 's influence until we see people affected by it on the news or in person. Even then, rarely do we choose to act upon what we see. The United States may have come a long way to completing Martin Luther King Jr 's dream, but our biases are still a prominent issue today. In this country every race and every gender has a say in the government. The Emancipation proclamation and abolishing segregation are only a few of the many steps toward a truly equal country. America has made great strides to gain racial equality, but we still hold racial prejudice and negative stereotypes. Because of our previous racist past, we often associate a person 's outward appearance with their personality and character. For example we assume all Asians are smart, all black people are criminals, and all Hispanics are great soccer players. We have assimilated other races in to our government and our popular culture, however we still show our racial biases by socially segregating their abilities and potential. This is the cause for our blatantly racial crisis such as the George Zimmerman case and the riots in Baltimore. As a whole, America 's prejudice has significantly decreased over time, but racial biases in our past makes it hard to eradicate these negative
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