How Rainwater Collection Can Help Minimize The Demand For Water That Gardening

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Rainwater collection can help minimize the demand for water that gardening makes during the hottest, driest periods. Rain barrels are a great way to capitalize on this free source of water. Reasonably priced and easy to install, gardeners are advised to take a look at utilizing rain barrels. Rainwater collection for use during dry spells is not new technology; rainwater has been being collected for over 2,000 years. This ancient technology has found new life among today 's green gardeners. Costs of municipal water are rising and drought restrictions now face many areas of the United States. While the average American may not be inclined to install a large cistern in their yard, rain barrels provide a reasonably priced and easily installed option that produces a nice supplement to traditional water sources. Water is a much valued and often taken for granted natural resource. Water is essential to life, human, critter, plant and other. Many Americans turn on the tap, leave it running for whatever their intended purpose, such as brushing one 's teeth, and never give a thought to the big picture of water shortages around the world. Often gardeners turn on their sprinklers with not much thought beyond their knowledge that their plants need a thorough soaking. It may seem to some that water is in abundance. Lakes and rivers may dot the topo map of your region. However, consider these facts. Though 70% of the Earth surface is water only 2.5% is fresh water (as opposed to salt

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