How Reading And Writing Changed My Life

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This story is about how my reading and writing changed throughout my life going through school. When I started in kindergarten I couldn’t spell my name that well. I had trouble reading and writing, and it took me so long to understand what I was doing wrong because I’m a person that thinks that I’m always right and never wrong. As I went through elementary school, I had a problem with writing neatly, writing in complete sentences, and reading big words. When I was in elementary school I was a student that didn’t like to write during unless it was about something that interested me. Other than that the only time I wrote was when I was required to for school. As each of those five years went by I hated writing in a way, but I hated reading even more with each year that went by. The reason I hated writing during elementary school so much was because…show more content…
After three years of being at the middle school, I met two of my favorite reading and writing teachers who encouraged me to do better and to have interest in writing and to never put yourself down when others do. The first English teacher that I met that was my favorite I met when I started middle in sixth grade. The other English teacher that I met that was my favorite when I met when I was nine years old that he then had me in class my eighth grade year of middle school. I enjoyed writing in middle school so much because we got to pick what we write about and not be told what to write about. But, when it came to reading, I enjoyed that the most when I was in eighth grade. I read what I wanted to read at the beginning of class then when we read a book in class I enjoyed reading the books, because they easily got my attention as we started to read the book, and I heard that there was a movie to that book which then lead to me talking about the differences and similarities between the two with my peers in my
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