How Reading Changed My Life

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I have struggled with my ADD my whole life. I don’t notice it as much as other people do, but when I realize it’s happening I know I’m way out of focus. It’s extremely hard for me to concentrate. It takes me forever to get things done. I get distracted by everything and end up procrastinating because I wound up forgetting about it. Reading is difficult because if I’m not interested in what I’m reading it’s like it goes in one ear and out the other, and I end up forgetting what I just read by the time I’m done with the paragraph. I can’t remember most things only bits and pieces. I’ll have conversations with people and I’ll either forget the conversation we had a couple days ago, or I’ll remember the conversation but, I’ll forget who I had it with. Most of my life I remember through other people like my parents, siblings and friend, sometimes even pictures. They will tell me things that happened and then the memory sometimes comes back to me, but other time they…show more content…
My parents gave me the choice of finishing the rest of the school year at John Jacob’s or switching to the new school. I chose to switch and stared at Desert Sun Elementary School. For the rest of the school year nothing happened. In second grade, they started noticing that because of my ADD I may have developed a reading disability as well. They put me in a special class just for reading and writing that I would go to while my regular class was doing there reading and writing.
As I grew older and bigger the dosage of my prescription grew with me. For sixth, seventh and eighth grade I went to Sonoran Trails Middle School. In sixth grade I was in a separate class for the special education reading and writing. In seventh and eighth grade, we had a special education teacher with us in the regular reading and writing classes. Eighth grade is when I started to notice an improvement; my grades started to get better and I started to figure things
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