Essay on How Red Bull Maintain Their Stronghold

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Contents0.0 Abstract 1.0 Introduction 2.0 History 3.0 Does Red Bull® Revitalise the Body and Mind? 3.1 What are the ingredients in Red Bull®? 3.2 Red Bull®’s adverse health effects 3.3 Has Red Bull® profited from controversy?

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4.0 Red Bull® a non-descript market?
5.0 How is Red Bull Marketed? 5.1 Sponsorship 5.2 Advertising 5.3 Brand Image 5.4 Some of Red Bull’s extreme sports athletes and events in pictures 6.0 Revolutionary Marketing 7.0 Maintaining market share 8.0 Competition and Intellectual property 9.0 Discussion 9.1 Diversification of product range 9.2 Drinks for the “Health Conscious” consumer 9.3 New Marketing Ideas 9.4
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[ca. 2008]) Dietrich Mateschitz (Gschwandtner 2004).

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The iconic eye-catching logo and slogan “red bull gives you wings” were then designed (Gschwandtner 2004). By 1990, despite high sales figures, and a lot of promotion, Red Bull®’s finances were in the black. To this point, funding had been 90% equity from the two partners and 10% bank loans (Gschwandtner 2004; Dolan 2005). Ambitious Mateschitz now believed Austria too small a market for Red Bull®. In 1993, Red Bull® moved into such countries as Hungary and Germany, planning to pre-market the little 250ml can by word of mouth across Europe (Gschwandtner 2004). Red Bull®’s Kraihamer commented, “We do not market the product to the consumer, we let the consumer discover the product first” (Keller 2004, p.119). This “Buzz” marketing proved highly successful, and inexpensive. Red Bull®’s controversial ingredients made it a “cool” fashion icon. Its mixability with vodka, coupled with extreme sports sponsorship, helped the drink tap into the young “hip” market (Cooney 2007; Gschwandtner 2004). By 1997, Red Bull® had conquered most of Europe including the UK. It then moved onto the USA, working state by state with a similar “buzz” technique (Hein 2001). Today Red Bull® is now Austria’s most successful brand, worth more than €10.9 billion, with diamond producer, Swartzkopf being worth half as much (Muller 2009). 3.0 Does Red Bull® “Revitalise the Body and Mind”? Red Bull® is billed as a
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