How Reflective Practice Helps Teachers

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Throughout this piece of writing I am going to "critically discuss the assertion that teachers themselves, are their own most important resource when it comes to the development of their professional expertise." When evaluating this claim I will address a number of topics including reflective practice, professional expertise and the correlation between them; as well as this I will refer back to the GTCNI framework and what it has to say about teacher effectiveness and the variety of tools that teachers use in order to be successful. I am going to talk about the key theorists who brought about the idea of reflective practice, such as Dewy and Schon, and I will also outline the different models of reflective practice that are in existence today. Although reflective practice is generally deemed a positive approach, I will talk about possible complications or drawbacks that can be associated with it. As a whole, this essay will evaluate how reflective practice helps teachers to develop their competence and professional expertise, and it will assess other methods and tools which teachers incorporate in order to be successful, in comparison to reflective practice. First of all, I am going to talk about the concept of ‘professional expertise’. According to (Pollard et al, 2014 pg. 69) “teaching is a highly complex and skilled activity which, above all, requires classroom teachers to exercise judgement in deciding how to act.” Therefore to be successful in such a highly complex
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