How Relationship Marketing Impacts Consumer Buying Decisions Essay

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1. Introduction

This project will focus on how relationship marketing impacts consumer buying decisions. To enhance the study there will be a focus on a multi-million dollar nutrition company, ViSalus Sciences. The research identifies the different drivers and core underlying values surrounding consumer buying decisions in relation to successful relationship marketing. Furthermore, the research recognises how it can achieve the outcome of a product sale but more so, how relationship marketing helps to retain customers for future sales.

This is an interesting field of study as relationship marketing is a huge factor towards companies achieving continuing sales volume to existing customers. Relationship marketing is concerned with a variety of different ideas for instance customer retention and customer association. The notion of consumer buying decisions links to relationship marketing because individuals who buy products, having been successfully marketed towards them, tend to continue to buy and use these products. This will be recognised as an example of relationship marketing which will be considered in the study. In addition, the network marketing and direct selling industry benefits from the relationship model, as customer sales are driven through a pre-existing marketing message being spread by independent distributors. They aim to obtain and retain clients as well as making sure that they are satisfied.

The paper will consist and analyse methods and data including

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