How Relevant Is the Marxist Critique of Capitalism to the Analysis of the Modern International System?

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Throughout the past century, the modern international system has been characterized by dominant practices in all of its distinct sectors. In the economic sector, capitalism has been a key economic activity since the 16th century in the form of mercantilism (Encyclopædia Britannica Online 2014). Since then, capitalism has evolved to become the principal economic model in the modern international system in the form of neo-liberal capitalism. For this reason, it has been shaping, and continues to shape, societies on a global scale.

Although it can be said that capitalism has prospered throughout the centuries and has turned into a strong economic practice, it hasn’t been exempt of criticism. Marxist school of thought sets forth the most
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For this reason, this work aims to determine that Marxist critique of capitalism is still pertinent to the understanding and analysis of the modern international system. The founding of Marxist core ideas in the mid 19th century is a general critique towards worldwide capitalist economic practices, and attributes to it the reproduction of injustice as well as social inequality in societies. The modern international system is still governed by the same dominant capitalist economic practices, which reproduce similar exploitative conditions as it did when Marxist critiques emerged. Hence, the employment of Marxist critiques of capitalism is still applicable for the evaluation of the modern international system.

To achieve this work’s objective, the subsequent structure will be followed. First, this work will present a general explanation of how Marxist critiques of capitalism provide a general comprehension of the modern international system’s evolution. Second, Marxism presents serious appraisals concerning the 19th century world dominant structure of capitalism. This work argues that even though more than 150 years have passed since the birth of Marxism, Marxist critiques of capitalism still explain the reproduction of the system’s dynamics and conditions such as injustice and social inequality. Lastly, this work will explore and expose the fundamental
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