How Reliable Is Your Memory?

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The Ted talking that I watched was “How reliable is your memory?” presented by Elizabeth Lofuts. By listening to her talk, we could easily identified her argument. She disagree with the saying that memory is reliable. In this video, Elizabeth introduced an idea of false memory at first, and then let us realize that our memory was not that trustworthy. In order to convincing us, she used the case of Titus, many experiments that she have done or other people have done, and some statistical datas. In the case of Titus, he was accused as the rapist because of the false memory of the victim. Although he was free finally, he lost his job, and his fiancée, and he died at 36 years old. The most critical thing leading to Titus’ tragedy was the false memory of the victim. Then, she also talked about experiments that she have done about false memory. By asking leading questions, or using some forms of psychotherapy, experimenters could lead the subjects believed they have experienced something that they actually did not experience. In addition, through the analyze, there are three quoter of 300 innocent defendants who were convicted due to false memory of eyewitness. Furthermore, there were still many experiments that she mentioned proved that people had false memory, and scientists even could plant false memory into someone’s memory. Through her talking, we could see that she did use a lot of evidences to prove her argument. It included case study, experiment, and observations, and…
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