How Religion And Culture Influence People 's Views On Outer Space

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There are many different types of religions and cultures in this world. Many of which teach and influence people’s views and actions on their daily lives. Everyone is entitled to, and has the right to, believe and practice in whatever it is they choose to. Different types of religions around the world have different meanings and teach different ways in viewing the world. We all know how religion and cultures can be an influence on our planet, but does anyone really know how it influences peoples view on outer space, or how outer space has influence people? This brings me to my research question, “How does different religion and culture influence people’s views on outer space and how it has influenced people?” People’s views on outer space can be majorly encouraged by what they are taught and what they believe in. Some people’s views can be from a perspective about different types of gods or they can come from views on science and nature. My articles are, Protecting and expanding the richness and diversity of life, ethic for astrobiology research and space exploration, Space anthropology: physical and cultural adaptation in outer space, Outer Space and Internal Nature: Towards a Sociology of the Universe, and The impact of space on society: Past, Present and Future. These research articles show how outer space has made an impact in our world from the past until now. A lot has been found and even more has not even been discovered. The articles discuss and agree on how outer
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