How Religion Can Boost Gdp By Increasing Trust Within A Society

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Christianity is by far the largest religious group which is then followed closely by Islam. All over the world, Christianity seems to be growing more and more steadily. It also seems that in some cases, it actually boosts an economy positively. It was stated in “The Telegraph” that by the year 2030 China will become the worlds most “Christian Nation.” Even though the United States is currently the largest Christian nation in the world, it will soon become second to China. Yes so called communist China, who’s religion of Buddhism was once the primarily practiced religion, is now embracing the beliefs of Christianity. As a result more and more Christian missionaries are being sent to China and are setting up medical and nursing schools…show more content…
But over the last couple of of decades, better statistics on religion have become available as well as mathematical techniques. This in return made them realize that Weber was correct. In the graph above it shows that from the years 2005 to 2011, countries such as India and China have experienced great economic growth as a result of an increase in Christianity. Robert Barro and his wife Rachel Mclear, both researchers at Hardvard, came across some important findings. McCleary, being the daughter of a methodist preacher, felt that she had seen religion change the economy within a nation. She wanted to know why economists didn 't look at this a an important factor within economic development. They both collected data from a couple of countries. They ran their data through statistical models and their results had proven their theories correct. A strong correlation between economic growth and beliefs in Christianity. They also found that it wasn 't just the belief in God that sparked an increase in the economic growth but, it was also the attendance within the church that provided a major contribution. They concluded that if church attendance rises then the economy also will grow. In the graph above are some of the countries Barro and Mcleary had studied. Through examining this graph I realized that the countries that are closer to each other ,such as the African and South American countries, all have
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