How Religion Can Help With The Temporal Boundaries Of Life Or The Internal Landscape Of Identity

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Explain why a story about “An Elephant in the Dark” is a good metaphor for people trying to understand religion.

This story is a good introduction to religion for people who are trying to understand the entirety of it. It addresses that viewing a new religion must be done open-mindedly. By focusing on only one section, people can miss a piece of the picture and loose sight of what that religion is about. Viewing a religion from the outside will not be the same as being a part of that religion and this is a small restriction on how that religion can be observed. Therefore, the story is a great metaphor in that it provides a unique perspective on how religion can and should be interpreted.

Your author discusses ways in which religion helps people with the boundaries of life. Please explain how religion can help with the temporal boundaries of life or the internal landscape of identity. (See pp. 4 – 5.)

Boundaries are a limitation conjured by the mind in which people live in their individual realities. The boundaries of life are mysterious to people and is the reason why religion has filled up the space for the unknown. Within temporal boundaries of life, people are altered by certain events and their lives begin to reshape themselves. With the support of religion, they are able to assuredly transition into a new chapter of their lives. In addition, the internal landscape of identity is when a person begins to define themselves. By settling into a religion, they are…
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