How Resources Within A Patient Centered Medical Home ( Pcmh ) Are Managed Essay

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Various elements influence how resources within a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) are managed. PCMHs veer away from traditional episodic and often fragmented care to offer patients higher quality care that is accessible, comprehensive, coordinated and more cost-effective. PCMH demonstration projects have shown that the model enhances health outcomes, reduces waste, and improves patient and employee satisfaction alike. This transition, however presents significant challenges and necessitates the restructuring of financial, material, and personnel resources within primary care structures. Effective implementation of this model is contingent upon the procurement of specialized staff, health information technology (HIT) systems, and possibly workspace reconfiguration all of which can impact an organization’s operating budget. Unfortunately, primary care payment reforms as well as complex billing and coding guidelines pose a significant threat to the financial viability of PCMHs and remain highly important factors to consider prior to undergoing this transition. Despite many of these challenges, PCMH continues to be a leading model in primary care. This paper presents a hypothetical PCMH implementation project and discusses some important considerations related to the management of financial, material, and personal resources.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation: A Resource Management Analysis
The role of nurse managers and nurse leaders extends beyond the…
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